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MainstreaMMundo, LLC Power Listing

Market Your Business Everywhere! Power Listing lets you centrally control your listings on 50+ local search sites. MainstreaMMundo, LLC Power listings provides listings on local search properties. Appear in most possible local searches with Guaranteed Presence. Stand out and look great with Enhance Listing. Read more >>

Business Financing

Running a business is hard enough, but keeping it afloat with the right amount cash flow is another story. Today there are thousands of businesses across the country that are looking for financing so they can continue to run their business. We know at firsthand how important this is to have the capital when you need it. Our goal is help you find the best solutions from small business loans, merchant cash advances, and electronic credit card transaction to alternative funding solutions. To get started is easy; simply fill out an informational form that will help us help you. Read more >>

Credit Card Processing

Mainstream Mundo, LLC is committed to helping business prosper, offering business seven primary solutions: credit card processing, ecommerce/gateway, mobile payments, cash advances, cloud services, reduce charge-backs with remote signatures, and digital receipts.

As consultants we seek the best solution in the payment processing industry for your company. Having the opportunity to represent technology companies in the payment business and financial software, design to store your company’s payment processing in the cloud and allowing for merchants to access their end of the day batch outs, and storing your receipts and able to retrieve them from anywhere in the world. Storing receipts is a thing of the past. Just go to your dash board, and retrieve any receipt you may need.

As an authorized reseller of PayJunction. We offer a variety of opportunities for your company payment processing. We believe in earning your business every day, we offer no terms or contracts, it’s all month to month with no exit or cancellation fees. We will beat or match what your company is currently paying. We provide all qualified businesses free virtual and smart terminals. All of your receipts are store in the cloud with access to 24/7. We encourage you try our services with no obligation if you’re not 100% satisfied with our services we will move on thank you for the opportunity. To connect-with-us click here. To view our brochure, click here.

True Unified Communications

Transforming the way businesses operate, helping you grow and profit from the best cloud-based business VoIP services in the market place today. Tell us a little about your current communication system, and what are looking to enhance. Contact us for more information.

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The Most Advanced Wi-Fi Marketing System on the Market

A leading technology provider in location based proximity sector. Catch the wave of Wi-Fi Marketing & Monetization. The most advance and developed proprietary plug-n-play hardware and cloud based solution. Contact us for more information. Presentation